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My assets- what I can bring you 

Realistic optimism, creativity, enthusiasm and helicopter view. Citizens of the world, I love my country, my feet on the ground, my head in the stars, my passions: meet, impart for a better hared life’s quality thanks to the teachings of butterflies. Risk, undertake, darethe wisdom of the fooland the crazyness of the wiseman!

My expertise: sustainable development, human, leadership, transformation, well-beingand health through body-mind link, culture of India... through my internal and external researches, projects, books 

They trusted me

Since1992 in vocational training, I have the pleasure to collaborate with numerous organizations and companies, in Alsace and France, also with very varied publics, to realize that intelligences are multiple.

Areas: industries and services, healthand social, communities, sport and education

Recent references: Gaggenau, Galderma, INPI (French Patent Office), MahleBehr, Mars, Socomec, T & S and hospitals

My Lifelong Learning Dynamics : 

PhD Research Scholar in philosophy of Yoga in India. Teaching sport, I live the competition and team spirit, attraction by challenges and projects. Hiking in the nature, I feel that the path is the goal. Traveling through cultures, I consider relativity and perceive the gorgeousness of the world, of living beingsand human. Working, I vibrate with the beauty of professions, the talents of professionals and the meaning of the respective missions.