Be responsible for and in the team!

Is your team healthy?

In the ‘all leaders’ approach, each team member is responsible for the health of the team.

To have a healthy team: (Source: C. Jones, Do you have a healthy team culture?)


Maintain and promote healthy communication

  • Clear understanding of information at all levels
  • Clarity on product vision, strategy, and scope
  • Clarity on business/customer impact

Foster healthy manager/employee relationships

  • Managers are comfortable giving constructive feedback
  • Managers provide clear roles and responsibilities within their teams
  • Responsible management, avoiding micro-management
  • Employees have a clear idea of career progression opportunities
  • Employees don’t feel over or underutilised, avoiding burn-out or bore-out

Reinforce healthy inter-team behaviour

  • Strong confidence in a person’s ability to deliver products and services and deliver on promises
  • Taking responsibility without looking for someone to blame
  • Asking ‘who is the best placed, most competent and most motivated for this project?’
  • Decision making not based on emotion


In order to succeed, practice and train four fundamental qualities


  • Identify positive behaviours and opportunities for personal growth


  • If you want someone to trust you, you have to trust them first
  • Be bold in your opinions. Speak up for what you think is right


  • A ‘what if’ question could change the course of any situation


  • Take personal responsibility for your actions ensuring the overall success of the team

By your Learning Coach Pascal Papillon