One of the adventures at ARC Innovation..

We have been in ‘home office’ remote working mode since 2010!

Once upon a time.. in 2010..

The Nth rent increase and promises of building renovations without follow-up meant that at a monthly meeting, the team discussed the future re-organisation of our work.

At ARC Innovation, all strategic decisions are made together in order to find the best way/s to improve. At the time, the majority of the team voted for remote working, one of the three proposed solutions.

We made the decision together and 6 months later, the team was 100% remote working. Of course, for the trainers, who are at the clients’ premises 60% to 80% of the time, the change was not drastic, but the link with the administrative and sales people needed to be developed differently.

Since then, we have tested and explored a multitude of tools and we have set up efficient work processes such as:

  • Face-to-face meeting for one day once a month in a place with a meeting room
  • Virtual weekly meeting every Thursday at 5pm, using the high-performance GoToMeeting
  • SharePoint server for documents shared with clients, virtually linked with a data safe to secure data in compliance with the GDPR law
  • Using Teams to work together on ideas, participants’ files and anything else necessary to share
  • SPRINT meetings agenda to advance our product development etc

After a few weeks, new work habits were established. Today, the key points that guarantee our success are:

  • Trust between team members
  • Discipline in our own work organisation, sharing or filing documents with the tools in place etc
  • The team’s responsiveness to manage requests and unforeseen events. Mutual aid is available daily.

Do not hesitate to contact us virtually, if you want to know more about our experience working from home. Above all, dress up as if you were going to the office, set up an office space in a bright room and take breaks.


By your Learning Coach Axel Bleschke