Towards collaboration ?

Create an effective collaboration within your teams :

The exchanges are deteriorating ? Pressures and impatience are appearing ? Modernisation of the means of communication are impacting your teams ? 

Our solutions in terms of experiential learning or workshops will stabilize your teams and their collaboration. Adapted and effective for inter ou intra company, our  methods will bring the keys of a recovered and renewed collaboration. 


Find your most adapted solution : 

In a real background : After close analysis of your managers issues from their daily situations, we propose to put them in another context which will imply practice of the good behaviours. 


Experiential learning : Work in collaboration in a fictive context before the final debriefing and improvement insights. Discover our experiential games : Gold Of The Desert King, Promises Promises, The Fortress, and Arctic Pursuit


Our team working and workshops : Adapted to the teams willing to work on their cohesion in order to prepare the future or to soften the current situation.



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