Artic Pursuit

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Experiential Learning : Optimize your results!

Working in teams of researchers, you venture into the vast and unexplored northern Canadian to track and record migratory patterns of Arctic wildlife.

You benefit from it to collect resources to further help improve the quality of life of the animals you are looking for.

The effective use of the White Wolf Lodge, the Wilderness Guide, Arctic resources and, of course, your team will make all the difference!

Debriefing time highlights how the same lessons and practices used to succeed in the experiment can be applied in your quest for outstanding return-to-work outcomes.

Impact on your Business


  • Understand the importance of making your priority non-negotiable
  • Identify, then use, all available resources consistently
  • Take a break to receive and adjust your way to your goal
  • Become aware of the important role played by the initiative when you commit to succeed whatever is possible

Practical Details

This game is suitable for multi-functional teams and dedicated teams of all levels and areas ideal for use at a corporate event and as part of professional training


  • Minimum Participants: 10
  • Maximum Participants: 5000
  • Duration Games: 2H
  • Participants by Groups: 4 to 5



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