"Use your experience - Why - How?" 

    There are three major problems in the world; we sometimes read: leadership, leadership, and leadership!  

"Hey! Can you give us the definition of leader again? Back at home, we think he's the one who shouts the loudest! » 

You sometimes hear the leader described as having a strong personality, being capable of imposing his or her will, with strong leadership. Leadership is associated with force and strength, with the ability to make others do things.  Some boast of being true leaders because no one can oppose them!  A leader must command obedience, even fear.  

Where do these misconceptions and misunderstandings come from? By the way, how do you say Leadership in French?  

  Leadership is a process by which one individual influences and inspires others to act together towards a common goal.  

  This pathway to emerging leadership, comprehensive and innovative, is an experience accelerator that gives life to a new leader, open to knowledge, meaning, intuition and awareness.  

All leaders: in organisations, it is not just those who are in positions of authority. 

Leadership is relational, transformational, situational, at service, etc. and this can be learned.   



  • Position yourself and be present
  • Change your perspectives, gaining an overview
  • Ask oneself, listen and pose the question again
  • Know how to model success by drawing inspiration from great leaders
  • Create synergies of resources to invent the future, to innovate

Participants and duration

  • Duration: 16 days - open seminars as well as  and intra-company training modules
  • Audience: Managers, directors, leaders


This course is divided into eight stages:

  1. I explore the subject of leadership; I discover my talent as a leader
  2. I access my emotions so that I know and recognise them  
  3. I understand my different leadership roles and how they interact with others
  4. In my individual development path, I understand what formed me, what was passed on to me, what and how
  5. I practice, in collaboration with others, the art of questioning, active listening, creative processes 
  6. I make the time to take stock 
  7. I discover, explore and let myself be inspired by famous leaders 
  8. I continue to find treasures on my path to development


  • Self-positioning
  • Personal reflection
  • Discussion
  • Role-playing
  • Individual coaching with real case studies
  • Working in groups
  • Sharing experiences
  • Co-consulting, analysis, personal work


There is a regular demand on this LeaderConneXion® course as it is a clear development path for any individual. I love to coach and to follow-up the path and the moment when a participant switches to the inner authentical leader in her/him. 

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