"How can you allow your teams to gain agility and performance?"  

 The maturity of a team is defined on human and operational levels. However, your team, your project team and your services resemble a collection of individuals rather than an agile and efficient team? Yet cultural change is underway in your company and digitalisation is supposed to facilitate cooperation and collaboration.  

Enterprise 4.0 is not just about technology: more than ever, it requires cohesion, interpersonal communication and a willingness to share knowledge and projects with the community.  

TeamConneXion®, a 3-day training course, responds to this New Work reality. Based on experiential learning, this interactive and playful format also highlights different needs and intergenerational skills. 

If you would like an analysis of your current situation, please contact our trainer Petra Bleschke, an expert in ‘Experiential Learning’.


  • Transform business into productivity to optimise results together
  • Develop operational communication and increase performance
  • Strengthen interpersonal communication and generate quality results without a fuss! 

Participants and duration

  • Duration: 3 Days  - open seminars and intra-company training modules
  • Audience: Managers, with service teams, between departments in a business unit, in cross-functional project teams


Awareness, mobilisation and learning through three simulation-training games

  • Gold of the Desert Kings™ 

An educational decision-making game - action! watch teaser

You assess your daily situations and decide on improvements needed to become a successful team.


A virtual reality educational game! watch teaser

You will deepen the key techniques of communication and cooperation to apply them to your professional situations.

  • Promises, Promises!™ 

An educational communication game - action! watch teaser

You decide which behaviours and actions to improve in order to become a genuinely matrix-organized community that works in a spirit of trust and support.


  • Experiential learning with preparation
  • Concrete experimentation 
  • Debriefing and transfer into the daily life of the team


A program which needs a sharp upfront analysis and diagnosis to select the best entrance and starting point of the modules. Sometimes less is more, in the moment when teams take their self-regulation on board. Wonderful to observe, to feel and to facilitate, when it happens.

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