About US

The profile 

I am a passionated business trainer, workshop designer and facilitator. My mission? Stimulate managers and employees to change behavior (communication, collaboration, management, leadership) for better perfomance and personal balance. 

My motivation? Be able to create a positive group dynamic during blended learning formats to create intensive learning. 

My challenge? Collect, feel and analyze the real, actual needs and co-create a learning process assuringbusiness impact.

The companies who trust my capabilities 

After 15 years in the industry, I am now working since 2005 as a business trainer and facilitator with and for ARC innovation. I have the pleasure to co-create and collaborate with a multitude of mainly international industrial and service providing companies, all in a permanent changing and innovative environment: Socomec, Galderma, Mars Corporation, Edeka Südwest, Union SB, Steelcase, Mercedes, Hager groupe, Schmidt groupe

The career and learning path  

As a young Chemical engineer, I started in a german multinational company, than changed to an american company as a sales application specialist for the semiconductor market. By the age of 42, I decided to become a professional trainer. I wished  to be closer to something important to me: the human being. Persuaded that we are ready to change behavior if it makes sense for us, I specialized myself on interactive learning formats like Experiential Learning, Workshop facilitation, Co-developpement…