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Management and change a fulltime job

Act as a leader and succeed in a professional world in perpetual motion ! How ?



TeamConneXion® - cohesion, mutual help and team performance

Allow your teams to gain agility and performance!


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Personal or Management Balance Training

Taking your leadership and improving your quality of life and your work-life balance ! What - how ?


Develop your potential and that of your teams through a tailored accompaniment.

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ECO Diagnostic®  - where should the journey go to?

Questioning, listening, analyzing, synthesizing, conceptualizing and changing perspectives and perceptions are already a start for a process of change - an awareness!

In your company, organization or department, you have an HR or management position and you are engaged in this position and role with responsibilities. For some time, the commitments of your colleagues have come down and the spirit of collaboration is falling. In addition new changes are taking place and a dynamic, agile and demanding future is crystallizing.

Your mission, as a manager, is to drive improvements and cultural change in this context by integrating the development of employees as well as the performance of the organization. How to analyze the situation, how to find the relevant interventions and training? Getting out of the impasse, achieving the objectives and targets and at the same time working in a constructing atmosphere and spirit, is the challenge in front of you.

If you want to analyze your situation in detail with the trainer and coach Axel BLESCHKE, make a virtual appointment with him.

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Personalized support, experience transfer and application in your daily professional life - an advantage for you !

our innovations

Since years we are visiting the LEARNTEC conference and exhibition in Karlsruhe. We are including the most interesting discoveries in our offering while developing digital tools and skills to answer to your needs.

You are looking for the shortest possible training modules, blended-learning and in addition lectronic learning materials, for example:

Webinairs of one hour to transmit the bases and theoretical contributions!

Interactive, fast, modern and easy to implement, the webinair eliminates the constraints of moving.

Situational tutorial videos, 

Inter-session, videos from 2 to 10 minutes: to prepare, learn a method, receive preparation instructions and concrete situations related to the theory.

Other digital tools are in development and also to develop to measure according to your needs.

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