About US

The profile 

I’m a very customer orientated consultant who adapts easily to any industrial or service context with my methods, concepts and my international and multifunctional management experience. My humain sens and empathy as well as my strong and efficient work process orientation allows me to develop and grow individual key players, teams et organisations. My preferred challenges are in the area of changing habits, routines and mind-sets of people and teams. My coaching style is always in close orientation to results and the related personnes as an integral part of my missions. I love role plays, games and simulation in relation with learning and I develop some of them on my own if time allows.

The companies who trust my capabilities 

I’m working for and with family owned companies as well as stock-market companies since 16 years who are larger key players in the industrial and service area in their market segments like: Group Schmidt, Mars Corporation (multiple industrial sites in Europe) , Group Socomec, Merck-Millipore, Union SB, Bruker Biospin, Continental foods, Group Hager and other organisations who follow a dynamic change and innovation strategy in their markets.   

The career and learning path

Chemical and mechanical engineering               International project management    

Sales executive                                                   Managing director Europe

Train the trainer                                                   Certified Coach ( Volkswagen)

Organisational development (MIT)